SPANISH - ¿Qué Pasa? 1 (EDCO)


¿Qué Pasa? 1 has been developed to address the needs of today’s Spanish teachers and their students.

  • Adopts a communicative approach which focuses on oral proficiency, listening to and understanding the spoken language
  • Uses interdisciplinary teaching methods and an integrated approach to the development of language skills (reading, writing, listening, speech and conversation)
  • Suitable for mixed-ability classes
  • Student-friendly layout, with modern, full-colour design and vibrant photos and creative illustrations
  • Each unit begins with a checklist of the conversation, speech, listening, reading, and grammatical skills the student will learn
  • Reading and writing exercises incorporate students’ own lived experiences bringing the real world into the classroom
  • Uses authentic texts and covers themes that provide the building blocks for language learning
  • Culture notes in each unit develop students’ socio-cultural knowledge and promote intercultural awareness
  • Group and pair work fosters peer-to-peer teaching and communicative language learning
  • Task-switching, problem-solving, mini-projects and self-assessment tools develop critical thinking skills
  • Guided questioning that explores the structure of the language to find underlying patterns
  • Students learn to use grammar in context, supported by practice exercises

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