@Home JC Home Economics Pack of 3 books ( Educate.ie)


@Home is your trusted three-year textbook for the Common Level Junior Cycle Home Economics course.


  • Sustainability Starts @Home feature integrates the Sustainable and Responsible Living element across all areas of the course
  • SEC Assessment Questions feature at the end of every chapter
  • Child development chapter, including the importance of play and children’s online safety
  • Up-to-date information, facts, statistics and tasks

Chapter openers include Learning Outcomes for the teacher and learning intentions, key terms and knowledge-check questions for the student

  • Show You Know! checkpoints throughout each chapter for continuous evaluation
  • Hands On! feature in every chapter provides active learning ideas
  • Lit Hit and That’s Maths features incorporate literacy and numeracy throughout
  • Extend Your Learning tasks, with relevant videos and links, provide opportunity for further research
  • Home Stretch feature combines and applies knowledge at the close of each chapter
  • Guidance for Classroom-Based Assessment 1: Creative Textiles, including Features of Quality, a detailed overview of the design brief process, and sample design briefs for Option 1 and Option 2
  • Food composition tables for easy reference

The student @Home package is completed by the @Home Activities and Assessment book, the @Home With the Practical book and digital resources