HOME ECONOMICS - L C Complete Home Economics Pack


Complete Home Economics is a student-friendly, up-to-date and comprehensive package for Higher and Ordinary Level students.

The Complete Home Economics package includes a textbook (with free ebook), a Food Studies Assignment Guide, an Exam Skillbuilder Workbook, a Teacher’s Resource Book and digital resources.

Complete Home Economics Textbook:

• Content is fully class-tested and written in line with the requirements of the marking scheme. Fully developed, syllabus-relevant points give students exactly what they need to know.

• Written with both Higher and Ordinary Level students in mind (Higher-Level-only material clearly marked).

• Each topic begins with a set of learning intentions (what you will learn) and all chapters and topics include syllabus numbering for ease of reference.

• Relevant exam questions are featured within topics to give students an insight into the wording of exam questions and to test their knowledge.

• Up-to-date information in areas such as legislation, statutory bodies and initiatives.

• A strong focus on literacy and numeracy, with Lit Hit and Go Figure boxes featured throughout.

• Remember It feature offers handy mnemonics to assist students in learning sets of information, such as essential amino acids.

Complete Home Economics Food Studies Assignment Guide:

• A dedicated guide to completing the food studies assignments, written by an experienced corrector.

• Takes into account the recent changes in the journal assignments and is written in line with recent inspection reports.

• Includes recipes, sample answers and blank assignment templates.

Complete Home Economics Exam Skillbuilder Workbook:

• Includes learning checklists and past exam questions organised by topic to complement each chapter of the textbook.

• Where a topic has not been examined previously, exam-style sample questions are included.

• All questions include a breakdown of marks (e.g. 20 marks = 5 points @ 4 marks) to focus teaching and learning.