CSPE World of Wellbeing JC plus Reflective Journal (EDCO)


Civic, Social and Political Education for the New Junior Cycle.
  • Visually appealing, vibrant design laid out in a clear, student-friendly format with full-colour photos, illustrations and graphs
  • Each chapter is introduced with learning outcomes, key skills and key words
  • Covers the three strands central to the CSPE short course:
    • Rights and responsibilities
    • Global citizenship
    • Exploring democracy
  • Contains a wide range of activities and exercises that stimulate creativity, critical thinking, working with others and active learning while also developing literacy and numeracy skills
  • A variety of activities in every chapter support learning and self-assessment
  • Includes up-to-date case studies, such as homelessness in Dublin
  • Provides in-depth suggestions for the Citizenship ActioRecord and a completed sample action at the end of each strand, supported by a
  • ‘Steps to Action’ animation with useful advice for students on how to carry out their Citizenship Action Record
  • Relevant CSPE key skills and Wellbeing indicators are highlighted throughout
ISBN: 9781845367763