Call to Action (Gill)


A brand new blended learning programme for Junior Cycle CSPE that puts action at the heart of the learning process!

  • Fully meets the requirements of the revised CSPE short course and Wellbeing Guidelines
  • Ready-to-go lessons centre around focused activities to maximise student participation and active learning
  • Write-in format means all of the student’s work is in one place
  • All lessons are mapped to the Learning Outcomes and Wellbeing Indicators
  • Key Skills and Success Criteria alongside every activity
  • A broad range of media including infographics, statistics, social media posts, videos, articles, posters, cartoons and case studies
  • Up-to-date content including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Suez Canal blockage and the fallout of Brexit
  • Students are given regular opportunities to reflect on their learning and their own lived experiences
  • Suggested Citizenship Actions at the end of each chapter include exciting ideas for debate, petitions, mock elections and more
  • Dedicated section on the Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) provides scaffolding to support students as they complete their Citizenship Action Record