ACCOUNTING - Revise Wise Accounting (EDCO)


Revise Wise Accounting Leaving Cert Higher Level New Edition
Revise Wise Accounting covers all sections of the Higher Level Leaving Certificate Accounting course.
Includes sample questions with annotated worked solutions.
Each chapter contains Learning Objectives, Top Tips and Exam Study Tips.
Relevant theory is included in each chapter -Points to Note highlight essential definitions.
Maximise your marks with the invaluable exam section.
A Study Guide is provided with comprehensive advice on exam preparation.
A Revision Study Plan helps students to plan their revision.
An exam paper analysis chart tracks past questions.
Accounts are clearly laid out in A4 format.
Templates are provided with sample layouts for published accounts, cash-flow forecasts and manufacturing accounts.
A new attractive full-colour design makes the content easy to navigate.
The Chapters included are - Final Accounts,Depreciation and Revaluation of Fixed assets, Control Accounts, Farm Accounts, Club Accounts, Service Firms, Incomplete Records, Correction of Errors- Suspense Accounts, Interpretation of Accounts (Ratio analysis), Published Accounts and Regulatory Framework of Accounting, Cash Flow Statements, Tabular Statements, Product Costing, Marginal Costing and Cost Volume (CVP) Analysis, Budgeting, Conceptual Framework of Accounting.